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Skylines 2: I Know She's Out There Somewhere!

September 5, 2012

About this time of evening, out by the bay, they turn the roadlights on the bridge, A diesel rolls in silhouette, eastbound, Lovers glad the sun has set.  I'm staring into the twilight wishing someone could post some city and country skylines tonight!  Difficulty: Panoramics & stitched entries are ok.  Photos must contain man made buildings to qualify.  All other Farktography rules apply.

You can also view the photos that didn't make the cut for this contest – the B-Sides.

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7th place Entry #1 21 votes

Las Vegas

28th place Entry #2 12 votes

Moonrise over the Adler Planetarium in Chicago

48th place Entry #3 8 votes

Ocho Rios, Jamaica