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Majestic Monochrome-In Memoriam: CiliarySpasm

January 12, 2022

CiliarySpasm passed away on Christmas morning.  He was part of the Farktography community for 10 years, participating in 300 contests with 870 entries.  He first joined us for the Dungeons and Dragons theme in 2011, and his final entries were posted for the Seasons' Greetings 14 theme for the 2021 holidays.  His photos frequently placed in the top 5, and many of our themes for the past couple years were thanks to his helpful suggestions.  In honor and memory of CiliarySpasm and in keeping with his wishes for a memorial theme of Majestic Monochrome, please present us your best ever monochromatic images.  Images previously entered in other themes may be recycled for this best-of theme.

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7th place Entry #1 13 votes

Chicago skyline reflected in “The Bean”
Monochrome version of one of my entries in the Reflections 4 contest from Jan 30, 2019.

CiliarySpasm himself applauded this one which I considered very high praise indeed coming from him.
He also added “a night visit to The Bean” to his bucket list, and I sincerely hope he got to check that one off.

4th place Entry #2 15 votes

Looking up into a huge tree on Palomar Mountain
From the Dec 26, 2018 contest Black and White 4

10th place Entry #3 12 votes

Tunnel of trees on Hawaii
From the Dec 26, 2018 contest Black and White 4